Law Enforcement Officials On High Alert

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Back here at home law enforcement on high alert as the war in the Middle East feels tensions across this country the FBI warning that New Year’s Eve and Time Square is a quote attractive Target for violence and the deputy us attorney general saying there’s been an unprecedented rise in Terror threats this holiday season here’s ABC’s.

Chief justice correspondent Pier Thomas just days before the iconic ball drop in New York’s Times Square tonight top law enforcement officials on high alert warning that America is facing perhaps its highest. Threat Level since 911 a new threat assessment obtained by ABC news says the location is an attractive .

Target for foreign terrorist organizations and violent extremists fueling the steady rise and threats the ongoing Israel Hamas War the FBI now has 100 active full-scale investigations tied to that conflict since October 7th the FBI has received more than 1,800 reports of threats or other types of tips or leads that are somehow related to are having access to the current conflict in Israel and Gaza in an exclusive interview.

Deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco says threats to public officials are reaching alarming levels just today a 52-year-old man arrested for threatening to bomb a FBI field office in Los Angeles

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The FBI intercepting emails to an unnamed agent from the suspect calling himself the unibomber and writing that he was willing to commit mass murder just this week Pierre we’ve had cases involving threats to kill FBI agents a Supreme Court Justice and three presidential candidates and with that suspect charged with threatening three presidential candidates allegedly said he wanted to shoot and impale them so you can see why these.

Yhreats have to be run down withit Pier Thomas thank you and you can watch the of Pier’s exclusive interview Sunday morning on this week hi everyone.

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